The Aging Brain on Charlie Rose

Avaliable on Hulu: a special edition of Charlie Rose on the basis of memory and the effect of aging on brain function.

Special guests include Dr. Brenda Milner, Dr. Larry Squire, Dr. John Hardy, Dr. Scott Small, and Dr. Eric Kandel.

All together, an amazing group of neuroscientists discussing a fascinating topic for the benefit of the general public. Neuroscientists may find the subjects familiar, but the experience of listening to luminaries in the field discussing their research is well worth the review. The language and subjects are certainly accessible for non-scientists (or non-neuroscientists), so tell your friends/family.

Charlie Rose: Brain Series at

UPDATE: The rest of the Charlie Rose Brain Series is also available online, at the main website for the Charlie Rose series. Subjects of past episodes include:

Future shows will air over the next year, and will cover a wide variety of subjects:

  • April 20: The Emotional and Vulnerable Brain;
  • May 25: The Anxious Brain;
  • June 22: The Mentally Ill Brain
  • July 20: The Disordered Brain
  • September 28: The Deciding Brain
  • October: The Artistic Brain
  • November: The New Science of the Mind