night outreach

Walk University

Join us every week to talk with the unhoused and at-risk of downtown Palo Alto. We also distribute sandwiches and basic necessities.

Group walks meet on Friday nights at 7:15pm at the Haas Center for Public Service. See the calendar for the up-to-date schedule. Walks typically last about 2 hours.


You can join our mailing list here. The mailing list receives reminders about walks and details about Night Outreach events.


If you've ever walked down University Avenue or ridden along El Camino Real, you may have passed by just a few of the over 650 unhoused persons living in the Mid-peninsula region of Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, and Menlo Park. They are largely ignored, and sometimes seen as a problem to be swept off the streets. Some grew up in the area, others made cross-country treks. Some are mothers, some are fathers, others are activists, musicians, or former Stanford students. They are not fortunate enough to have a reliable source of shelter, but all call the Bay Area home.

Our Mission

Night Outreach's mission is to meet and establish relationships with the unhoused members of our community with the belief that compassion and conversation are just as important as food and shelter. Our members act out of the desire to propagate social responsibility, with the willingness to both share with and learn from the people with whom we interact.

Our Vision

Night Outreach promotes campus awareness of issues connected with homelessness and engages in outreach in downtown Palo Alto and San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood. We host speaker events, organize clothing drives, and volunteer at the Opportunity Center, a local drop-in and subsidized housing facility. Our members act out of compassion, the desire to understand and connect with the unhoused and unheard, and the need to build a more just and socially responsible community we call home.

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