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6. 3-D visualization of retrovirus structure.


  • The gag (group specific antigen) gene encodes the viral matrix (MA) capsid (CA) and nucleoproteins (NC).

  • The protease (PR) orf encodes a product that cleaves the gag polyprotein precursor. It can be encoded as part of Gag or a Gag-Pro-Pol polyprotein, sometimes following a frame shift or a stop codon (depending on the retrovirus species), and read-through about 5% of the time by a ribosomal frame shifting mechanism or by stop codon suppression.

  • The major read-through product is derived from the pol gene which encodes the reverse transcriptase (RT) and an integrase (IN) which is involved in provirus integration.

  • The envelope gene encodes the surface glycoprotein (SU) - transmembrane (TM) polyprotein.




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