Profiling of Wnt Target genes

(Updated December 2018)

Several labs have identified Wnt targets through gene expression profiling or other genomic approaches. Publications are listed here:




human EC cells Willert 2002 complete data set
Wnt-1 transformed mouse cells Tice 2002
3T3-L1 Preadipocytes Longo, 2002
Colon cancer Van de Wetering, 2002
Somitic mesoderm Buttitta 2003
C57MG/Wnt-1 cells Ziegler 2005
Zebrafish Weidinger 2005
C3H10T1/2 cells Jackson 2005
Wnt-1 transformed mouse cells Taneyhill L, Pennica 2004
Beta-catenin mouse mutants Morkel 2003
Human Endothelial cells Masckauchan 2005
MMTV-Wnt1 transgenic mouse Huang, 2005
Enhancer prediction Hallikas 2006
Wilms tumors Zirn 2006
Human Fibroblasts Klapholz-Brown 2007 available from paper
3T3 cells Chen 2007
ES cells Cole 2008
Colon cancer cells Hatzis, 2008
ES/EB cells Ten Berge 2008
Limb bud mesenchyme Ten Berge 2008
Adult HeartIyer et al, 2018