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Open Access Week, October 21-27, 2013: Get involved

Open Access Week, a global event now entering its sixth year, is an opportunity for the academic and research community to continue to learn about the potential benefits of Open Access, to share what they’ve learned with colleagues, and to help inspire wider participation in helping to make Open Access a new norm in scholarship and research.

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Open Street Map - GISSIG Lunch meeting

OpenStreetMap or OSM ( is a free editable map of the whole world. It allows anyone to view, edit and use geographical data in a collaborative way from anywhere on Earth. Sarah Manley from Cloudmade will be our guest and will discuss how and why OSM exists, how to contribute to the project, and ways to get involved. She will also present on ways to engage students through OSM, and the open source curricula is developing.

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Workshop: Open Source, Open Access, Open Stanford

Stanford Open Source Lab would like to invite all interested parties to our fifth workshop: Open Source, Open Access, Open Stanford. As our invited speaker we are happy to welcome John Willinsky

  • When: Wednesday, June 4th at 12:30

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Science 2.0 -- Is Open Access Science the Future?

Interesting read:

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