Open Source Copyright Panel

Open Source Licensing

Topics to be covered in this three-panel talk:

  •  How open copyright licensing can unlock the creative potential of the internet
  •  Definition of a copyright license in general, and what license  can allow or prohibit in digital world
  • Copyrights and Creativity in real life.
    This paper exploits variation in the adoption of copyright laws within Italy – as a result of variation in the timing of Napoleon’s military victories – to examine the effects of copyrights on creativity
  • Q and A


  • Petra Moser, Professor,  Dept of Economics
  • Irina Zaks, Open Source Lab, Web Developer
  • Darius Garza, Web Designer


Lightening talks and an open discussion on one or more of the following topics

Socioeconomic forum about Open Subject ideas

  • Positive ways to talk about copyright
  • How to make people care about licensing
  • When to use open licensing
  • Copyright school
  • How to get (younger) people involved with open licensing

Learn about Open Source licensing 

  • What do you think open source is
  • What is license
  • Why use open source licenses vs no license 
  • Free vs open
  • Creative commons licenses
  • Open source as an economic model

Target Audience

  • Social departments
  • Scientific researchers
  • Librarians
  • Stanford students
  • Stanford faculty 

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