Working with permissions in Drupal - Morning O'C

Hello Drupallers,

We would like to open this season 2016-2017 of our random gatherings  (known as "Morning O'Code") with an event dedicated to permissions in Drupal.  We will review basic drupal node permissions and various modules that allow administrator to extend these permissions (demo based on Stanford standard Drupal platform  We can also talk about benefits of integration of Stanford workgroups with Drupal roles and permissions. 

We can also talk about any other permission issues and solutions for those issues.

This session is for content managers and site builders who only have access to drupal web interface as well as for developers.

Major topics include

  • node permissions
  • file permissions
  • field permissions
  • views permissions
  • block permissions

The gathering will be held at Green Earth Sciences 365 at 11-12PM on Wed 10/26  - Aaron Cole, thanks for the venue.

Looking forward to seeing you!


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