Stanford Open Source Lab Members

First Name Last Namesort icon Organization Title Website
Vijoy Abraham Institute for Research in the Social Sciences
Henrik Bennetsen Stanford Humanities Lab
John Bickar Stanford Web Services Web Services Developer
Mark Branom IT Services/Continuing Studies Instructor/Lecturer
Thomas Carlson Haas Center for Public Service
Zach Chandler Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages
Jeremy Chang Chemical and Systems Biology
Nicole Coleman Stanford Humanities Center
Todd Davies Symbolic Systems Program
Casey Dunn
Claudia Engel Department of Anthropology
Ed Finn Department of English
John Foliot Stanford Online Accessibility Program (SOAP)
Dan Harris IT Services Web Developer (Drupal)
James Jacobs Green Library International Documents Librarian
Matthew Jockers Department of English
Brandy Karl Center for Internet and Society
Rob Lucas School of Education
Mike Murray Center for the Study of Language and Information
Ron Nakao Green Library Data Specialist
Dave Ream IT Services Sr. Web Designer and Architect
Jeremy Sabol Center for Teaching and Learning
Jeffrey Schnapp Stanford Humanities Lab
J.J. Toothman Stanford Office of Development
Elspeth White Law School
John Willinsky School of Education
Marco Wise IT Services Senior Web Developer
Shinjoung Yeo Green Library Reference Coordinator and Communication Bibliographer
Brian Young IT Services Web Designer
Irina Zaks Stanford Law School