Students 2016-2017

Adina Abeles (Communication)

Party cues, polarization or something else? How people form perceptions of public opinion on climate change

Anna Boch (Sociology)

Freedom of Speech on Campus

JonathanChuJonathan Chu (Political Science)

Alliance Resilience: Evidence on China, the U.S., and Two Koreas

Tina Cheuk (Education)

Attitudes on public education and school choice

Doron Dorfman (Law)

The Fear of Disability Con: Public Suspicion of Abuse of Disability Rights

Cayce Hook (Psychology)

The role of choice and personal responsibility beliefs in American attitudes towards a soda tax

Nathan Lee (Political Science)

Can Experts Correct Misperceptions in Public Policy?

Mashail Malik (Political Science)

Economic Anxiety & Support for the Far-Right

Amanda Mireles (Sociology)

Perceptions of College Value in an Era of Growing Female Advantage

John Muñoz (Sociology)

Category-Spanning Protest: Participation and Public Opinion

Rachel Myrick (Political Science)

Secrecy and Covert Action in U.S. Foreign Policymaking

Sandra Nakagawa (Sociology)

How Gender Identity Shapes Preferences for Environmental and Health Behaviors

Taylor Orth (Sociology)

Where are the Men in Childcare? Gender Essentialism, Care Work, and the Stalled Gender Revolution

Erik Peterson (Political Science)

Causes and Consequences of News Media Reputations

Michael Robinson (Political Science)

Influencing Public Opinion on Intervention: Public Appeals by the Military

Seth Werfel (Political Science)

The politics of private contributions to public goods

Scott Williamson (Political Science)

Security or Democracy? US Public Opinion and Support for Autocrats Abroad