Students 2018-2019

Alejandra Aldridge (Political Science)

Presidential Influence on Democratic Norms

Yifat Aran (Law School)

Equity Compensation at Privately Held Firms: Assessing Employees’Fallacies and Preferences

James Chu (Sociology) JonathanChu

Popularity, Preferences, and the Problem of Competing Rankings

Jennifer Cryer (Political Science)

Confronting the “Electability Trap:” Effects of Campaign Messages, Information, and Perceived Competence on Voter Evaluations of Underrepresented Candidates

Christianne Corbett (Education)

Pluralistic Ignorance and Men’s Aspirations for Communal Traits

Doron Dorfman (Law School)

Exploring Public Support for the FDA’s Blood Ban: The Effect of PrEP and of the Recognition of Gay Families

Chloe Hart (Political Science)

Perceptions of sexual harassment in a post #MeToo world

Cayce Hook (Psychology)

Status Quo Bias and Perceptions of Freedom

Lisa Hummel (Sociology)

Shifting Support: Changes in Support for Women in Politics Based on Political Ideology

Amanda Mireles (Sociology)

Understanding Changing Perceptions of College Value

Soyoung Lee (Political Science)

All’s Well That Ends Well? Policy Choice and Incumbent Approval

Rachel Lienesch (Political Science)

Backlash or Encouragement? The Effect of Messaging that is Critical of Whites on Democratic Voters

Julia Melin (Sociology)

Mid-career Internships and Labor Market Re-entry Outcomes for Opt Out Workers

Benjamin Schaftel (Political Science)

The US military, partisan backing or partisan backlashing?

Neil Snyder (Political Science)

Military Influence on Public Opinion: Sage Counsel or Political Problem?

Tagart Sobotka (Sociology)

The Enabling Mother? Examining gender bias in attributions of blame, stigma, and perceived harm towards parents of opioid users

Emma Tsurkov (Sociology)

The Cost and Impact of Sexual Harassment in the Workforce