Constitution of Pakistanis at Stanford


  1. The name of the organization is Pakistanis at Stanford, written in short form as PAS.

ARTICLE 2: Goals

The goals of the organization are:

  1. to bring together people of Pakistani origin to explore their common cultural background
  2. to provide a forum for Pakistanis and other members of the Stanford community to get to know each other and discuss issues related to Pakistan and life at Stanford
  3. to promote the culture, language and identity of Pakistan
  4. to organize recreational, academic and cultural activities

ARTICLE 3: Membership

  1. The following persons are eligible for membership:
    1. Students, Faculty and Staff of Stanford University: These must have a valid SUNet ID
    2. Spouses and families of (1)
    3. Stanford University Alumni
    4. Spouses and families of (3)
  2. Only groups (1) and (2) shall have the right to vote and be elected to the executive committee
  3. A person who is not a member of the Stanford University but shows a keen interest in PAS can become an affiliate of the organization.

ARTICLE 4: Executive Committee

  1. The executive committee shall consist of the following officers:
    1. The President
    2. The Vice President
    3. The Secretary
    4. The Treasurer
    5. The Webmaster
  2. The executive committee will form an officers core by appointing additional officers to provide specific needed services.
  3. Members of the executive committee shall not hold simultaneously an executive position in any other campus organization.
  4. The executive committee must hold regular meetings and must meet at least twice a month to maintain its status.
  5. Officer Removal
    1. An officer can be removed only if they fail to perform the duties listed in Article 5.
    2. All the other members of the executive committee must unanimously vote for the officer's removal.
    3. Elections must be held for the vacant position within 10 days of the officer's removal.

ARTICLE 5: Duties of the Executive Committee

  1. President
    • Represent the organization at all appropriate functions
    • Coordinate with Bechtel International Center for autumn quarter orientation for undergraduate and graduate students.
    • Organize Pakistan Independence Day
  2. Vice President
    • Assume the role of the President during his/her absence
    • Develop working relationship with other international student groups on campus
    • Nurture links with Pakistani/South-Asian community and student organizations in other universities
  3. Secretary
    • Arrange regular meetings and disseminate meeting minutes
    • Plan and organize activities to promote the organization's charter
    • Act as the glue of the organization
  4. Treasurer
    • Making the approved expenditures of PAS funds
    • Producing annual financial reports detailing the PAS's income and expenditures
    • Assist and coordinate fundraising efforts as the need arises
    • Reserve rooms for PAS events and carry out organization correspondence
  5. Webmaster
    • Maintenance of PAS web site
    • Maintenance of PAS mailing lists
    • Respond to feedback and forward emails to officers

ARTICLE 6: Elections of the Executive Committee

  1. Elections of the executive committee for the upcoming academic year will be held at least two weeks before the beginning of the summer quarter. A notice of two weeks must be given. Elections will be held every year.
  2. All members of PAS with voting rights are eligible to vote and be elected in the executive committee.
  3. An election commissioner will be appointed by the executive committee to oversee the elections. Any member who is not running will be eligible for this position.
  4. The election commissioner will seek nominations for the positions of the executive committee by sending out an email. All PAS members with voting rights are eligible to contest the elections.
  5. The rounds will consist of secret ballots in which each eligible member will be allowed to vote for only one of the nominees. If one of the nominee receives 50% or more of the valid cast ballots, then he/she is elected to the office. Otherwise, the two nominees receiving the highest number of votes will participate in a runoff election.
  6. If an executive committee position is vacated for any reason, the position will be filled by a new vote of the voting members of PAS. The executive committee is responsible to make sure the position is filled no later than two weeks after it has been vacated.

ARTICLE 7: Amendments

  1. The constitution can be amended at a meeting of the PAS members and the executive committee and requires a 67% or more vote in support.