Biblical Counseling at Stanford

Scripture in Depth Applied to Life's Practical Issues
Fall 2022 Biblical Counseling Course Description
Stuck in a rut that you and others long to see changed?!

Many Christians pray fervently for God to “zap” change into them, but do not understand that the Lord gives us the dignity and satisfaction of actively participating in that process!

This quarter in the Biblical Counseling Course we will be looking at specific areas in which many struggle (frequently counseled issues both on campus and throughout the rest of life).

With each issue we will first get to know the wisdom of specific Scriptures that address 1- why the ways we naturally approach this issue are deceptively unfruitful and fail to deliver the life that they appear to offer and 2- what the true life-giving approach is that the Lord invites us into and loves to enable for that area of life instead.

In the next session on each topic we will workshop using specific insights from Romans 5-8 that enable us to identify the underlying (often invisible) choices that keep us stuck in the old and HOW to actively join with the Lord to build new patterns that give life to us and to those we impact!

Come join with us to grow and get to know both God’s life-giving word and our awesome Lord Jesus deeply and personally as you do!

Sample topics:
· Out of Stress & Anxiety to Resting in the Lord in the midst of real life
· Freedom from Drivenness due to FOMO
· Freedom from Anger & Bitterness – Freedom to Love Real People (warts and all)
· Pornography: How to get clear! & What to replace it with!
· Set Free from Perfectionism to enable better studies, work and life!
· Eating & Body Image Issues

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