Biblical Counseling at Stanford

Scripture in Depth Applied to Life's Practical Issues
2023-24 Biblical Counseling Course
Mondays at 7pm in Old Union 301 (first session is 10/02)

Come join us for an in-depth study in the book of Ephesians. It contains God's word of wisdom for building life-filled, Lord-filled, real relationships with real people (roommates, friends, dating, family, colleagues, etc.).

The first half of Ephesians explains the awesome life-giving aspects of what God has already done—both in us and in others—to equip us for relationships that live out His life, character and love.

The second half of Ephesians then teaches us how to rely on and apply those resources to develop relationships that build one another up (especially in relating to fellow believers, but largely applicable in relating to unbelievers as well).

We have based our 47 years of marriage (so far) on this timeless wisdom that applies to all cultures and all ages and seasons of life. We are looking forward to going much deeper ourselves as the Lord keeps teaching us and growing us and our relationships more every time we study Ephesians.

Steve & Erica Lawry

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