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Epidemiology in the United States:
In the US, T. solium infection does not pose much of a public health threat and has a much more specific distribution. Only approximately 1000 cases occur per year, with the vast majority of cases seen in the Latin American immigrant population. For this reason, the incidence of T. solium is highest in major urban centers (with large immigrant populations) - namely Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Epidemiology Worldwide:
Worldwide, T. solium infection poses much more of a public health threat and has a much wider distribution. Approximately, 50 million people are affected and 50,000 die each year (mainly from complications due to cysticercosis). The geographic regions with the highest concentration of endemicity are Central South America and Africa. In fact, some regions of Mexico show a 3.6% prevalence. The infection is also prevalent in Southeast Asia, India, the Philippines, China, and Eastern Europe.