3rd Bay Area Population Genomics Conference

Sponsored by the Ecology and Evolution Group at the Biology Department at Stanford University

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Date: December 11, 2010 (Saturday)

Stanford University ~ Biology Department ~ Herrin Hall ~ T175 Auditorium ~ 393 Serra Mall ~ Stanford, CA

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Dec. 6
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Contact: Dmitri Petrov, Stanford; dpetrov@stanford.edu
Joanna Kelley, Stanford; jokelley@stanford.edu
9:00 AM
Breakfast Buffet  
9:30 AM Rachel Brem, UC Berkeley Pathway evolution in Saccharomyces
10:00 AM Dario Valenzano, Stanford Genetic Architecture of longevity in the short-lived fish Nothobranchius furzeri
10:30 AM Paul Jenkins, UC Berkeley A new approach to computing likelihoods in population genetics models with recombination
11:00 AM Coffee Break    
11:30 AM Jared Wenger, Stanford Adaptive mutations effect minimal trade-offs across the yeast adaptive landscape
12:00 PM Ed Green, UC Santa Cruz
Recent human evolution as revealed by ancient hominin genome sequences
12:30 PM Lunch and poster session (register if you would like to get food!)
  POSTERS (signup is now closed):  
  Barbara Dunn, Gavin Sherlock Lab, Stanford Analysis of the Saccharomyces Pan-Genome Across Diverse Strains Reveals Genome Plasticity in Response to Industrial Environments
  Diamantis Sellis, Petrov Lab, Stanford Fitness overdominance as a generic feature of adaptation in diploids
  Vera Kaiser, Doris Bachtrog Lab, UC Berkeley Non-random gene loss from the Drosophila miranda neoY chromosome
  Dan Kvitek, Gavin Sherlock Lab, Stanford Sign epistasis between adaptive mutations causes a rugged fitness landscape during experimental evolution
  Beatriz Vicoso, Bachtrog Lab, UC Berkeley Lack of global dosage compensation in Schistosoma mansoni, a female-heterogametic parasite, Doris Bachtrog Lab, Berkeley
  Alan Bergland, Petrov Lab, Stanford Natural mutations in the aquaporin, Drip, affect Drosophila fecundity
  Fabian Staubach, Petrov Lab, Stanford Is there ancient admixture between house mouse subspecies?
  JJ Emerson, Doris Bachtrog Lab, Berkeley Fisher's geometrical model in light of experimental evolution data
  David Goode, Arend Sidow Lab, Stanford Assessing the functional impact and selective constraints acting on short indels in the human genome
  Kirk Lohmueller, Nielsen Lab, Berkeley Natural selection affects multiple aspects of genetic variation at putatively neutral sites across the human genome
  Matthias Steinruecken & Josh Paul, Yun Song Lab, Berkeley An accurate sequentially Markov conditional sampling distribution
  Michael Palmer, Feldman Lab, Stanford The Red Queen's Race can select for evolvability
2:00 PM Depart or go for a hike around Stanford