Vth Bay Area Population Genomics Conference


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December 10, 2011 (Saturday)


Stanford University, Herrin Hall, Room T175

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May 18th
Directions: Google Map is here - Parking is free on weekends. Park anywhere on Lomita Drive or Roth Way and walk to T175.
CONTACT: Dmitri Petrov; dpetrov@stanford.edu
9:30 AM
Breakfast Buffet  
10:00 AM Erkan Buzbas, Rosenberg Lab, Stanford Approximate Bayesian Computation when Simulating Data is Difficult
10:25 AM Michael Palmer, Feldman Lab, Stanford Evolution Is Very Repeatable in Lattice Proteins
10:50 AM Jiankui He, Quake Lab, Stanford Immune Repertoire Profiling by High-throughput Sequencing
11:15 AM Coffee Break    
10:50 AM Philipp Messer, Petrov Lab, Stanford McDonald-Kreitman test under frequent adaptation: problems and solutions
12:10 PM Erik Corona, Butte Lab, Stanford

Analysis of the genetic basis of disease in the context of human migration
12:30 PM Lunch (register if you would like to get food!) and Posters
1:30 PM Matthias Steinrücken, Song Lab, Berkeley A simple method for finding explicit analytic transition densities of diffusion processes with general diploid selection
1:55 PM Graham Coop, Coop Lab, UC Davis
The effect of partial sweeps on genetic diversity
  David Enard, Petrov Lab, Stanford
Background selection hides selective sweeps in the human genome
  Melinda Yang, Slatkin Lab,Berkeley Ancient structure or recent admixture? The doubly conditioned frequency spectrum decides
  Torsten Günther, Coop Lab, UC Davis Finding the traces of selection in the genome of Arabidopsis thaliana
  Sandra Beleza, Tang Lqb, Stanford Genetic architecture and evolution of human pigmentation: Genome-wide association study in the admixed population of Cape Verde
  Ethan Jewett, Rosenberg Lab, Stanford A coalescent model of genotype imputation
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