PHS Announcements

How to access PHS data

As a new user you can find detailed instructions on how to get access to PHS data here.

We have two server environments available: the Windows server and the Linux server. All our data is available from both servers (with the Alcoa data as the only exception, which is only available on the Linux side), so choose the environment you feel most comfortable with. Access to one of the servers is enough, so go to either PHS-Windows Server or PHS-Linux Server for detailed instructions on how to successfully log on.

In a near future PHS data can be accessed on the cloud through our Data portal.


Don’t forget to log off

Log off Windows Server

When logging out and terminating your session, it is important to save your work, close all of your programs, and log off so that no old sessions get leftover on the server.

1. Click the start menu in the bottom right corner of the desktop.

2. In the top right corner, click your login name and select “Sign Out” from the dropdown menu.




Log off Linux Server

1. Click your SUNetID in the top right corner of the desktop.

2. Select “Quit” from the dropdown menu.