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Poetic Thinking 2016 | April 2, 2020

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Posts By Conor Lauesen

Bergman, Rothko and the mythic

March 2, 2016 | 1

I was thinking about death in cinema as it relates to other mediums of art making (I’ve also been recently reading Boaz Hagin’s book, Death in Classical Hollywood Cinema which seems to provide a wider basis for theoretically approaching these … Read More

Sebald, Carson, Gass and Barthes: two poems, three photographs,

February 18, 2016 |

I was thinking of these different photographs and doing some creative writing–the two pieces seemed to turn into a kind of poem (two different poems actually).

Me: I am quite interested in the essay as a form, along with the … Read More

Salcedo and Celan: softened eyes, attention and sensitivities

February 18, 2016 | 1

I attach this link thinking of our discussion most generally yesterday. The article written by Cathy Park Hong is called ‘Against Witness.’ It puts the visual artist, Doris Salcedo, and the poet, Paul Celan, into an explicit dialogue. Regarding … Read More

this may be of interest

February 2, 2016 |


I thought this site could be interesting for our class in general. Also, this is something i had written after looking at some of Jonathan Harris’ early work:

And generous folds Crease to hold envelopes where finely marked Letters … Read More

Photographs Thinking Through Storr and Richter in the 19th century

February 1, 2016 | 1

Wilsey, Hospitals, photographs and Cushing – history, memory and fragmentations (some oblique thoughts that seem theoretically related to the projects of Storr and Richter)

Throughout the past year, I have been thinking through a number of 19th century photographs of … Read More