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Poetic Thinking 2016 | February 25, 2020

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Re: Jonathan Harris and 24 HOURS

Re: Jonathan Harris and 24 HOURS
  • On January 25, 2016

After our conversation about Jonathan Harris, and reading Silvia’s post about Kessels’ 24 HOURS, I am reminded of two more works of art/installations dealing with technology and our lives.

Related to our conversation about the ethics and politics of Harris’ works, I am reminded of Marc Adelman’s Stelen (Columns), 2007-2011. Culling and printing images from a gay dating/hook-up site, Adelman created an installation of internet profile pictures that feature the Berlin Holocaust memorial. Formally, Adelman parallels Kessels in the printing of images from social media sites; his work presents a fascinating ethical/political/historical/legal situation that I think about not exactly similar to those of Harris, but perhaps parallel to him in the use of the internet, sex and love, and histories of violence and oppression. This went up at the CJM in San Francisco, but was taken down. Read more on that here:

Chun Yun’s Constellation at the Venice Biennale is of a piece with Harris’ Network Effect in that it presents kind of beautiful but dystopian view of technology in our lives. Unlike Harris, this Yun presents a distinctly physical presence of technology in space. See photos of the installation here:





  1. Silvia De Toffoli

    Thanks for the post. I followed up on Marc Adelman in a separate post.
    In any case, also Chun Yun’s Constellation is interesting. I didn’t make it in 2009 to the Biennale, too bad.

    The title seems to point to Harris’ Universe, but the concept is almost diametrically opposed.
    From public humanity, to private personal life. From actual reality to artificial compositions. Constellations at different scales.
    Do they resemble each other? We could probably place the appliances in such a way as to make their lights forming interesting constellations… actually, if we wanted, we could replicate Harris’ Universe. Although maybe it would not be so interesting and very laborious.

  2. Vivian Lam

    Thank you so much for sharing these works–they definitely expand on Harris’ work standing on…less of a blatant moral high ground (if that’s a proper way to describe some reservations about him)–though they both certainly have some message from the artist, they don’t seem to build in a moralistic explanation at its very core.

    Chun Yun’s “Constellations” is beautiful–but not so much when dim silhouettes of these geometric chunks of plastic and metal powering these stars come into view. It is reminiscent of Harris’ “Network Effects,” but perhaps even more ominous in its static indifference. Reminds me of nights home alone, rooms being lit by stand by red stand by LED lights. Would it be sinister if the appliances she chose all emitted red light?

    Perhaps it’s a matter of posing a question rather than providing an answer–I much prefer ambiguity and abstraction than a presumptuous clarity.

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