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2008-2009 Performances

Performance: Dating Abuse Awareness Vignettes

Type: Guerrilla Theatre
Primary partner(s): kNOw MORE
Description: Performances of dating abuse scences at the activities fair to direct people to take action against dating abuse.

Performance: Marriage Proposals
Type: Guerrilla Theatre
Primary partner(s): Student Coalition for Marriage Equality
Description: Students proposed same and opposite sex marriage proposals in classrooms and eateries and all over and off-campus, reaching more than 800 people with their propsals, in hopes of showing people the beauty that the love of any two people commiting to each other renders. Then we e-blasted and published a newspaper article saying that these proposals were not real but the proposals of thousands of same-sex couples across the state were real, and their marriages would be taken away unless we voted no on Proposition 8.

Performance: Prop 4 Maze of Horror
Type: Guerrilla Theatre
Primary partner(s): Stanford Students for Choice
Description: To demonstrate the detrimental consequences that Prop 4, a parental notification for abortion, proposition would bring for young women, we set up a maze in the center of campus that people could go through, as if they were a young womenwho was pregnant seeking an abortion. At then end of the maze, they were educated about Prop 4 and how this maze would become a reality for young women if the proposition passed in November.

Performance: STOP Ignorance Homelessness Project
Type: Guerrilla Theatre
Primary partner(s): Students Taking on Poverty (STOP)
Description: To raise awareness for national poverty and homlessness week, STAMP actors went all over campus performing as homeless people with signs that read “Can you spare some real change?” with facts about poverty and leaflets to hand out. The goal was not only educate with the materials but to bring homelessness to our campus, a problem which is very real in our community but invisible at our school.

Performance: The Plastic Bag Gong Show
Type: Guerrilla Theatre
Primary partner(s): Students for a Sustainable Stanford
Description: Everytime someone walked out of the bookstore with a plastic bag, one of our actors was there to hit the gong and chalk it up on a huge chalkboard. Then patrons were given the opportunity to return their plastic bag and take a reuasable bag.

Performance: Out of Sight of Of Mind
Type: Monologue Series/Play
Primary partner(s): Peer Health Education (PHE)
Description: To decrease stignma of mental illness and increase awareness of the resources available to students with mental health struggles, STAMP solicited anonymous stories about mental health issues at Stanford and performed them in monologue form in 14 dorms shows and 2 full-scale performances.

Performance: Focus the Nation
Type: Guerrilla Theatre
Primary partner(s): Students for a Sustainable Stanford
Description: To raise awareness about “vampire electronics” – the wasteful energy that is used particularly by students during the night when appliances remain plugged into their outlets, STAMP actors dressed as vampires and popped out behind buildings to educate passersby about the phenomenon and what they could do stop wasting energy.

Performance: Bent
Type: Play
Primary partner(s): The Emma Goldman Society for Queer Liberation (Also: Department of English, the Feminist Studies Department, NAACP, Jewish Students Association (JSA), Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA), OUTLAW, Students Taking Action Now Darfur (STAND), Students Promoting Ethnic and Cultural Kinship (SPEACK), and the Stanford Drama Department).
Description: A play by Martin Sherman about queer persecution during the Holocaust.

Performance: Spring Into Action Progressive Play Festival
Type: Student Written Plays
Primary partner(s): Relay for Life
Description: A festival of four student-written progressive plays: Jazzing, exploring race relations in the 1950’s South, The Bush Tree about one woman’s discovery of female abuse in her family’s history intertwined with themes of colonialism in Australia, Witness to Cancer about student stories of their experiences with cancer, and The Sweetest Gift a play about memory, trauma, and madness of the body.

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