Welcome to our Lab

We are a curiosity driven research group working in the field of engineering and physical biology probing biological systems with an engineering and physics outlook. Our approach brings together experimental and theoretical techniques from soft-condensed matter physics, fluid dynamics, theory of computation and unconventional nano-fabrication to the problems in biology from organismal to cellular to molecular scale.

To do so, we design and build precision instruments that perturb biological machines and their synthetic analogues.  Along the way, we invent novel technologies with clinical applications with a current focus on resource-poor settings.



Prakash Lab
Stanford University
Shriram Center, Room 64
443 Via Ortega
Stanford, CA 94305-4125

Manu Prakash
Office: 009
Shriram Center
443 Via Ortega
Stanford University
Email: manup@stanford.edu

Lab Admin:
Jasmine Desiderio
Email: jdes@stanford.edu

Department of Bioengineering
Graduate Program in Biophysics
Affiliate Member, Stanford Woods Institute 
Institute Fellow, ChEM-H

Fellow, Leading Interdisciplinary Collaborations, Stanford Woods Institute

BioHub Investigator 

HHMI Faculty Fellow