COVID-19 Response

COVID-19  Response: 

Just like everyone else – we are also overwhelmed. While, we all face this new crisis, we have to fight it with creativity and curiosity – and do what we can.

As a lab in partnership with Universities and communities, manufacturing partners across the United States and International partners– we have initiated new frugal science projects in diagnostics, new processes for manufacturing of PPE  and supporting health care workers dealing with ventilator shortage.

These are open projects anyone can join, help, replicate – they are all documented in our open lab notebooks (linked to below)/websites. We will continue to update these working draft documents as the projects progress. 

Stay safe everyone and social distance!

More projects coming online soon. Check this link often.

Open Projects:

an ultra-low-cost at-home molecular diagnostic test

a pulse-dose oxygen-saving device

a full-face “snorkeling” mask based reusable PPE

a low-cost & electricity-free centrifugation for isothermal SARS-CoV-2 detection in saliva

an open-source full-feature ICU ventilator (Stanford, Brown, University of Utah partnership)

a cotton-candy (rotary jet spinning) machine for distributed manufacturing of N95 mask filter material

a simple experimental test-rig for particle filtration efficiency through N95 grade mask

a scientific consortium for data-driven study of N95 filtering facepiece respirator decontamination

a non-invasive ventilation solutions using existing CPAP/BiPAP machines

a ventilator remote controller project (no longer active)