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To get to El Polín Springs, follow the directions below. The Presidio Visitor Center (in the Officers Club/Building 50) provides maps of the park, or you can click here for a map.

Where is the Presidio of San Francisco?
The Presidio of San Francisco is a National Historic Landmark District that is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It is located at the northernmost tip of San Francisco, California, at the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Directions to the park and public transit information are available at

Where in the park is the research site?
Parking at the site is limited. We recommend parking from the Presidio Visitor Center (Officer’s Club), which is located at the corner of Graham and Moraga. El Polín Springs is a short (5-15 minute) walk from the Presidio Visitor Center. The walk includes a stairway and a somewhat steep hill. There is limited parking at the El Polin Loop for visitors who would prefer to drive to the research site.

Driving Directions to the Visitor Center:
From the Lombard Gate: Continue along Lombard Street and at the second stop sign turn right onto Presidio Blvd. Stay on the right hand side as Presidio turns into Lincoln Blvd. Turn left onto Graham Street, and follow Graham until it runs into the Visitor Center on Moraga Ave.

From the Presidio Gate: Follow Presidio Blvd. until it becomes Lincoln Blvd.. Continue along Lincoln and make a left on Graham Street. Graham will run straight into the Visitor Center on Moraga Ave.

From the Arguello Gate: Continue along Arguello Blvd (keep right) until you hit Moraga Ave. Turn right. The Visitor Center is at the intersection of Moraga and Graham.

Walking to El Polín Springs from the Visitor Center:
Leaving the Visitor Center, turn right and walk down Moraga Ave until you reach Funston Street. Take the short staircase just across Funston downhill to the intersection of Barnard and Fernandez. Continue along Fernandez and make a right on MacArthur Ave. MacArthur will run directly into El Polin Springs.

Biking or Driving by Car to El Polín Springs:

Enter the Presidio through the Lombard gate and at the second stop sign turn right onto Presidio Blvd. Stay in the left hand lane and follow Presidio as it turns left. Take the first left onto MacArthur Blvd. Continue along MacArthur Blvd. and take the third left onto MacArthur Ave. MacArthur Ave. runs directly into El Polin Springs. Most of the parking along MacArthur is reserved for Presidio residents, so please park alongide the oval drive at the end of the road.