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After The Dig
June 20 –June 23, 2005

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Después de la Excavación

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Proyecto Arqueológico
de Tennessee Hollow Watershed

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Visit El Polín Springs!
You can visit El Polín Springs at any time to see the location where we have been excavating and enjoy the natural beauty of this valley. Click here for Directions to the Presidio of San Francisco and to El Polín Springs.

When Will You Be Excavating?
Our next excavation is currently planned for Summer 2007. In the meantime, the research team is busy cataloging and analyzing over 200,000 artifacts and samples that we have already recovered from the site.

What is an Open Site?
Photo of visitors to the open site looking at artifacts When excavation resumes, we actively welcome visitors of all ages and look forward to sharing our research process and findings with you. An “open site” means that you can freely observe our excavations and talk with members of our research team. When you arrive, take a moment to orient yourself by looking at the material posted on the large interpretive panel. We will often post short announcements about events or special discoveries there. Then, please walk around and take a look at the excavations. We will be delighted to show you what we are finding and answer any of your questions.