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WG Pritchard and JK Pritchard 1994. Mathematical models of running. American Scientist 82: 546-553.

I wrote this article with my father Bill, who died of cancer shortly before it was finished. Bill worked in fluid mechanics, and was also (like me) interested in track. He developed a model for the effect of wind resistance on runners (Pritchard 1993: SIAM Review 35:359). In this article, we applied his results to an analysis of the women's world record 100m, run by Florence Griffith Joyner "FloJo" at the 1992 US Olympic Trials. Following that race, there had been much speculation that the recorded wind speed reading of 0.0 m/s was a mistake. Our analysis provides strong support for that view, and suggests that the wind speed was probably about 4--5 m/s (much more than the maximum allowed for record purpose, 2.0 m/s).