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MW Feldman, J Kumm, and JK Pritchard 1999. Mutation and migration in models of microsatellite evolution. In ``Microsatellites: Evolution and Applications'', DG Goldstein and C Schloetterer, eds., Pp 98-115. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Dynamic and statistical properties of generalized stepwise mutation models are described and used to compare data on human di-, tri-, and tetranucleotide polymorphisms. The time-dependent behavior of an island model with stepwise mutation is analyzed and its equilibrium properties used to estimate the product $Nm$ of the population size and the migration rate. Population statistics are derived from the complete equilibrium analysis of the model, and these are combined to give an estimate of $Nm$ that is related to Slatkin's 1995 estimate which used $R_{ST}$. When this new statistic is applied to a set of 85 human microsatellite polymorphisms, the resulting population clusters match the tree of Bowcock et al. (1994) quite well.

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