The following requirements of the Product Design major reflect the 2020-2021 program sheet. Previous years’ program sheets can be found at the SoE Undergraduate Handbook

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Product Design Program Sheet 2020-2021 (PDF | Excel)

Product Design Flowchart (PDF)

Product Design Four Year Plan (Excel)

Math and Science Requirements

20 units of math or statistics coursework from the SoE approved math courses list are required. AP units may be applied, see your transcript for transferrable units or the AP chart. Recommended math courses include the MATH 19, 20, 21 series, MATH 50 series, and CME 100 series; STATS 60 is also recommended.

9-10 units of science coursework are required, which must include the Physics 40 (or 40E) and additional courses from the SoE approved science courses list. AP units may be applied, see your transcript for transferrable units or the AP chart.

Number Course Title Units
PHYS41 or 41E Mechanics or Mechanics, Concepts, Calculations, and Context 4 or 5
Elective(s) See: SoE approved science courses list 4 or 5
total 9-10

Behavior Science Requirement

8 units of behavioral science coursework are required, which must include Psych 1 and an additional elective class.

Number Course Title Units
PSYCH 1 Introduction to Psychology 5
Elective Choose one: PSYCH course numbered 30-200; HUMBIO82A; or HUMBIO160 (BIO150) 3+
total 8+

Technology in Society Requirement

One course from the Technology in Society Course list (TiS) is required. For a course to be counted toward this requirement, it must appear on the list the year that it is taken. The list is updated each academic year.

Engineering Fundamentals Requirement

8 units of Engineering Fundamentals coursework are required, which must include CS 106A (same as ENGR 70A) or CS 106B plus ENGR 40A or 40M.

Number Course Title Units
CS106A Programming Methodology 5
ENGR40+ Introductory Electronics; Choose between: ENGR40, ENGR40A, ENGR40M 3-5
total 8-10

Product Design Depth

54 units minimum.

Product Design Core

The following required courses should be taken as a sequence during junior and senior year.

Year Autumn Winter Spring
Junior Introduction to Human Values in Design (ME115A) – 3 units Product Design Methods (ME115B) – 4 units

Designing Your Business* (ME115C) – 4 units

Senior Advanced Product Design: Needfinding (ME216A) – 4 units

Advanced Product Design: Implementation 1** (ME216B) – 4 units

Advanced Product Design: Implementation 2** (ME216C) – 3 units

* ME 115C (not available 20-21) is the ONLY course that can be waived if student takes a quarter overseas. Students should plan their overseas quarter to take place in Sophomore year, or spring quarter of Junior year only. If the student elects to go overseas Junior year, the total Depth units will be reduced by 3; this is approved without petition.
** Capstone project. You may substitute ME 216B&C with ME 201A&B Design for Extreme Affordability.

2020-21 Only: ME 115A and ME216A are moved to Winter Quarter, and ME 115B is moved to Spring Quarter to reflect on-campus availability of Juniors/Seniors. ME 115A, ME 115B, and ME 115C must be completed in the Junior year.

Elective Requirement

2 electives in Art Studio (ARTSTUDI) and/or Computer Science (CS) numbered 100 or higher are required. ME 125 or ME 216M may also be applied. The courses’ units should add up to 8 units.