To submit a petition to deviate from the curricular requirements, follow these steps. You may need to first consult with a peer or faculty advisor regarding your petition.

1. Fill out and print petition form(s)

  • Use the Departmental Deviation Form for changes to PD depth requirements and electives.
  • Use the School of Engineering Deviation Form for changes to Math, Science, Technology in Society*, or Engineering Fundamentals requirements.
  • You must also attach an updated Program Sheet and Unofficial Transcript to your petition. If you have multiple petitions, please submit one set of your program sheet and transcript for each category (i.e. one set for Departmental petitions, one set for SoE petitions).
  • *If you are petitioning for a Technology in Society course, there is an additional review required by Prof Robert McGinn (, who oversees the TiS program. Please send him an email giving him the course description and syllabus of the proposed substitution course and copy Darlene ( on the email. You should receive Professor McGinn’s approval for TiS petitions before continuing with the next steps.

2. Send your forms to the peer advisor 

  • Do not send your petition forms to a PD faculty member; peer advisor, Brooke ( will first review your forms and submit them to the Product Design faculty meeting for review, which occurs weekly on Tuesday morning.

3. After faculty review, wait for a response from Renee

  • Once the PD faculty have reviewed petitions, they will be returned to Renee Chao. If approved, you can expect an email from Renee to both you and the ME Student Services Office.

For more information about petitions and transfer requests, please review the Stanford Engineering Undergraduate Handbook guidelines.