Program Sheets

A program sheet is necessary to declare. It is used to list all of a student’s coursework that will fulfill the requirements for the major. Students may use any program sheet that was released while they were enrolled at Stanford. Previous years’ program sheets can be found here.

Product Design Program Sheet: Academic Year 2020-2021

EXCEL (preferred for declaring) | PDF

Once you have downloaded the Excel program sheet, please follow these steps to fill out the program sheet for declaring or petitioning. Please email the PD peer advisor if you have questions regarding your program sheet.

  1. Fill in your name, contact information, today’s date and expected graduation date.
  2. Fill out all courses.
    • Please include all courses you have taken, are currently taking, and courses you plan to take. For electives, you may deviate from the courses listed when you declare, and you will submit an updated program sheet when you apply to graduate.
    • For each course, fill in the department (e.g. MATH, PSYCH, ME), course number (e.g. 21, 1, 101), course title (e.g. Calculus, Introduction to Psychology, Visual Thinking), and number of units (e.g. 4, 5, 4).
    • You will need to delete some existing text to replace the field with your course title.
    • For courses you have taken, fill in the letter grade (e.g. A, A-, B+). For courses you are currently taking or have not taken, leave the grade blank.
    • If you have transfer credit (e.g. AP or IB credit), fill in the course title and corresponding quarter units. Please refer to the SoE AP Credit Chart or IB Credit Chart. Leave the “Transfer/AP Approval” section blank.
  3. Add up the total units in each section and program totals, and check that they meet the required unit total.