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Free Fadi – And the Rest of Palestine

by Shadi Bushra

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The detention of Fadi Quran, Stanford ’10, during a peaceful protest in the West Bank last week should serve as a reminder that Palestinians do not enjoy the same civil rights as Israelis and can be detained without charge indefinitely. Fadi’s detention is unjust – the detention of nearly five thousand Palestinians without ever seeing a civilian court is equally abhorrent.

The Stalling of SOPA: A Stray Beam of Light in American Politics

by Chan Chi Ling

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The controversial Internet censorship bill, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), despised by the public and netizens as unnecessarily draconian, ineffective, and a blatant curtailment of free speech via Internet censorship, has been stalled due to overwhelming pressure from ordinary citizens and the tech community. This outpouring of criticism is evidence that, at least in this case, democracy worked to stop a terrible law in its tracks.

Students Give Accounts of Police Raids at Khartoum University

by Shadi Bushra

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Khartoum University remains closed almost one month after anti-regime protests triggered a police crackdown that left dozens injured, with two students still detained after nearly four weeks in custody. In protest of last month’s crackdown and a subsequent university resolution authorizing police to enter the campus, the students have called for the university to remain [...]

The Arab League’s Self-Serving Sanctions

by Shadi Bushra

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Over the past months, the Arab League has incrementally stepped up pressure on Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, culminating in the imposition of diplomatic and economic sanctions. Since then, the League has been showered with admiration from Western governments, media outlets, and political analysts for stepping up to protect Syrian civilians and their democratic aspirations. However, it may be more accurate to comment the League for its shrewd political calculations of how the crisis could best serve its interests.