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The Stalling of SOPA: A Stray Beam of Light in American Politics

Published 12 Feb 2012 in National

The controversial Internet censorship bill, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), despised by the public and netizens as unnecessarily draconian, ineffective, and a blatant curtailment of free speech via Internet censorship, has been stalled due to overwhelming pressure from ordinary citizens and the tech community. This outpouring of criticism is evidence that, at least in this case, democracy worked to stop a terrible law in its tracks.

Rick Perry’s Anti-Gay Ad

Published 13 Dec 2011 in Feature

Perspective: Occupy Stanford, Occupy The Future, and Why Care?

Published 13 Dec 2011 in Feature, Perspective

Chan Chi Ling offers his perspective on Occupy Stanford and Occupy the Future

Occupy Stanford Open Letter

Published 13 Dec 2011 in Campus

Occupy Stanford’s Open Letter to the Stanford community, clarifying what the movement is, what they do, and how to get involved!

Addressing Inequality on Campus

Published 11 Dec 2011 in Campus, Feature

Stanford’s Labor Action Coalition (SLAC) reminds students that inequality is pervasive right here on our campus, not simply in the “real world.” Stanford would not be Stanford without the workers that maintain our beautiful campus, feed us, and otherwise work thanklessly and tirelessly behind the scenes. These workers are essential to our education and their needs are deserving of our attention.

A Call to Action: Occupy the Future

Published 07 Dec 2011 in Campus, Occupy

Senior Rahael Gupta issues a challenge to students, to forsake their apathy, make time in their busy schedules, and attend this Friday’s Occupy the Future teach-ins (12-1 in dining halls) and rally (1:30-3 in White Plaza)

(VIDEO) Liberal Icon Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) Retires

Published 30 Nov 2011 in Feature, National

(VIDEO) It’s Time To End Marriage Discrimination

Published 30 Nov 2011 in Feature, National

An advertisement by an Australian activist group, “Get Up!” for marriage equality. Sign the petition here.

Primer: Obama’s Deficit Reduction Plan

Published 18 Oct 2011 in Democracy Here and Abroad, National

Tax the rich, reform entitlements, end the wars.

The United Kingdom Looks Aghast at its Former Colony’s Climate Consensus

Published 05 Dec 2010 in Democracy Here and Abroad, Perspective

Three cheers for California voters protecting their Global Warming Solutions Act by voting down Proposition 23. Still, the British students who phone-banked against Prop 23 with Andrew Schein at Oxford were flabbergasted that the Proposition even had a shot. Here, the scientific consensus is also the political consensus. If only the same were true in the States.