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The Stalling of SOPA: A Stray Beam of Light in American Politics

by Chan Chi Ling

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The controversial Internet censorship bill, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), despised by the public and netizens as unnecessarily draconian, ineffective, and a blatant curtailment of free speech via Internet censorship, has been stalled due to overwhelming pressure from ordinary citizens and the tech community. This outpouring of criticism is evidence that, at least in this case, democracy worked to stop a terrible law in its tracks.

This Is So Not Over

by Lewis Marshall

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Lewis Marshall, a Stanford PhD student, Progressive writer, and Occupy activist, gives a personal account of his experience with the Occupy movement, and offers three hidden facts the movement brought to the fore for him.

Eric Schneiderman: The Great Blue Hope

by Shadi Bushra

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President Barack Obama has fallen dreadfully short on a number of issues leftists hold dear. He kept essentially the same economic advisers that have been in Washington for decades, did not pursue punishment for the economic crimes of Wall Street or the war crimes of the Bush administration, and he has rarely negotiated with conservatives [...]