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Shahab Mousavi

Shahab is a first-year MS CS student at Stanford, specializing in AI and deep learning and passionate about having a social impact through entrepreneurship. He spent his childhood in Canada and later moved back to Iran with his family. Prior to Stanford, he completed a dual degree program in Civil Engineering and Computer (Software) Engineering at Sharif University of Technology in 2019. Outside of school, Shahab is a nature lover who enjoys a panoply of outdoor activities, from going on spontaneous treks in the wilderness to biking around in Palo Alto. Shahab is a food lover who just can’t say no to embarking on new culinary experiences, and a geography geek who considers a map to be a feast for the eyes. He is fascinated by history, political science, psychology and applied behavior analysis, spending a disproportionate amount of time reading up on related topics. He has done research on the applications of agent-based modeling in simulating the public response to energy conservation policies and the practical applications of blockchain technology in the insurance industry.


Sawye Raygani
Financial Officer

When she’s not scouring Yelp for her next meal, Sawye enjoys roller-skating with friends, curating Spotify playlists, and binging Chef’s Table. She is an undergraduate student studying Human Biology and is excited to explore the intersection of public health and the environment. On campus, she’s involved in infectious disease and microbiome research and volunteers at Arbor Free Clinic. Raised in the Bay Area, Sawye has the inside scoop on the best hiking trails and burrito spots so reach out for your own personal itinerary!

Mohammadhossein Shafinia
Vice President

With a background in math and later experiences in setting up a company, Mohammadhossein has always oscillated between the stunning world of abstract mathematical thinking and the pragmatic world of business. Somewhere in between, he is now a graduate student in the MS&E master’s program. Before starting the program, he graduated from a double major in Math and EE and then a master’s in EE  from Sharif University, after which he worked in the industry for several years. His main interest is in machine learning and AI. In his free time, he struggles to choose between hiking in the beautiful natures of the bay area, biking around Stanford, or cooking with Jamie’s recipes. During long vacations, he is probably on a road trip listening to country music or one of Ebi’s songs while driving on an endless road. Two weeks before leaving Iran-e aziz, he summited mount Damavand to remember Iran from that spectacular perspective.

Negar Matoorian
Board Member

Negar is currently a 4th year PhD student in Economics. She is interested in designing markets and mechanisms for better interactions between humans and organizations. She uses mathematical modeling and game theory in her research. When not studying games, you can find her playing them (puzzles and Mafia and board games) with some of her dearest Stanford friends 🙂 She explores her creativity by painting, singing and reading books. Negar likes to explore new areas: She has gone from not knowing where the kitchen is ( 😀 ) to cooking delicious, but hard,  Persian dishes (you name it!) and from being terrified of height to trying rock climbing! Negar lived in several cities when she was in Iran and learnt about their cultures, accents and nature. Since she moved to the U.S. she has been in Palo alto (with a short stay in Seattle). So to keep the location diversity, she likes to travel to different cities around the country or just go for a hike when time and budget run low 😛

Yeganeh Alimohammadi
Board Member

Yeganeh is a second-year PhD student in Management Science and Engineering. She is excited to work on math models that have applications in real-life such as predicting epidemics. Any project that involves algorithm design, combinatorics or probability theory is a yes for her. On weekends, you might find her on a hiking trail capturing sceneries for her next painting projects. Or you might find her experimenting new recipes and sometimes mixing them: she holds the patent of Ghorme Sabzi-Paneer 😀 (=”Palak Panee”r+”Ghorme Sabzi”).

Hesam Hamledari
Hesam is a food enthusiast and a stage-4 recovering coffee addict 😀 He enjoys learning/talking about sports nutrition, and he sources, cooks, and plates all his meals. He takes solace in music (Rock, Metal, Jazz, Hayede-esque), and some of his favorite bands include Tool, Rammstein, and Pink Floyd. Hayede, Mahasti, and Moein are his favorite Iranian artists (Hesam shares the same hometown with the latter). Originally from Iran, he lived in Toronto for 2 years before moving to Palo Alto. He considers Toronto his second home and dearly misses the city, so much that you can occasionally find him watching YouTube videos of people walking the Toronto neighborhoods. At Stanford, Hesam pioneers the innovative use of technology (AI, Robotics, and Blockchain) for business improvements in the construction Industry. He serves as a councilor and a member of Stanford’s Graduate Student Council.

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