PSA Events from the beginning to September 1993

PSA's First Meeting - International Center- May 21, 1993
A short talk was given by Jalil and Hadi which was followed by discussion about how to start the association. This meeting led to a 12 person committee of volunteers for writing the PSA constitution. About 40 people attended the first meeting. Cake and Tea was served. International Center donated $100 for the refreshment.
Picnic and potluck -Roble Field- June 19, 1993
Around ten people showed up in a very hot day to eat lunch and play a friendly soccer game.
Dinner party - International Center- July 18, 1993
Four people were in charge of cooking- Hadi, Hamid, Jalil, and Mehrdad- and lots of others helped. Although food was not perfect, a good profit ($150)was gained when PSA really needed money. Around 50 people bought the food. A movie, Bashoo, was shown after dinner.
Persian Music - International Center- September 24, 1993
Mr. Houshang Pakpour and two of his friends (Shabe-Ashenaee group) performed as part of the International Center orientation program for new students. They received $200 for their performance.
University Fair - White Plazza- September 28, 1993
As part of the university fair, PSA presented its table filled by handicrafts mostly provided by Behfar and some maps and books. Rasool was in charge of the table. This was a good opportunity to introduce PSA to new Iranian students and in fact PSA found around 10 more members.
Orientation Program - International Center- September 30, 1993
This was a very important meeting in which Behnam on behalf of volunteers group proposed the final draft of the constitution to the members. After a short discussion, people cast their vote for the constitution. Professor Zadeh who was the guest speaker gave a 30 minute talk afterwards. The talk ended by a dinner at a local restaurant. PSA presented a mug and a tape of Iranian music to Dr. Zadeh.
Picnic - Rinconada Park- October 16, 1993
Less than ten people showed up in a rainy day to eat lunch and play football and volleyball under the rain.
PSA's First Election Meeting - International Center- October 19, 1993
This meeting was organized by Shahriar Rabii and Siamak Hashemi who were in charge of the PSA's first election. In this meeting, Jalil talked about the PSA's history and objectives. Then candidates introduced themselves and election started afterwards through a computer program.

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