Dr. Elahi Ghomshei's Biography

Professor Ghomshei received his PhD in philosophy & Islamic theology, and his area of expertise is in Persian mystical literature, aesthetics, and English & American Literature. His publications include, commentaries on works of Molavi(Rumi), Attar , and Hafez, translations of selected works of British and American poets into Persian, a series of translated articles from Arabic and English, named "Kimia" (Alchemy), translations of selected works of Shakespear into Persian, and translations of some selected Persian literature into English. Moreover he has edited and written introductions to works by Hafez, Molavi (Rumi), Khayam and Nezami. Professor Ghomshei is an expert on literary works of Molavi(Rumi), Nezami, Hafez and Sheik Mahmood Shabestary. He has also lectured in Cambridge and London universities.