Iran: Future Prospects (IFP)
Conference 2005

Second Annual Gathering of Young Iranian Scholars of North America
Stanford University
October 1-3 2005


The Iranian Studies Program at Stanford University, the Persian Students Association at Stanford University, in collaboration with the Iranian Studies Group at MIT and the Iran Research Committee at the University of California-Berkeley invite paper submissions for the second annual gathering of young Iranian scholars of North America. The conference, hosted by Stanford University, seeks to bring together promising young Iranian scholars residing in North America, who do research on various issues related to Iran and Iranian societies worldwide. The goal of the conference is to foster scholarly exchange and collaboration among the next generation of Iranian scholars, to promote dialogue on issues facing contemporary Iranian societies in Iran and worldwide.


Paper Topics
The organizing committee especially welcomes papers focusing on the following themes:

  • Iran and the World
    Political, social, economic and cultural relations with the outside world

  •  Iranian Economy, Technological Development and Industry
  • Iranian Arts, Science and Culture
    Contemporary Arts, Modernity in Iran, Cultural Identity, Scientific Development etc.
  • Domestic Governance and Political Structure
    Recent presidential elections, political prospects, executive-judiciary-legislative relations, etc
  • Iranian Society
    Social policy, Education, Women in Iran, Minorities, Drug abuse, Healthcare, Migration, Law etc.
  • Human Development and Sustainability
    NGOs, Rural Development, Urban Development, Environmental Concerns, etc.
  • Iranian Expatriate Communities


Papers in other topics of importance to contemporary Iranian society also welcome.


The website will be updated regularly until after the gathering. Please visit frequently for updated information.