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PSA Organization

PSA is a registered voluntary student organization (VSO) and a member of Graduate Student Council. Here is the definition of VSOs by the Office of Student Activities at Stanford.

Voluntary Student Organizations (VSOs)

Voluntary student organizations (VSOs) are groups formed for a specific purpose. Their structure may be formal or informal. Some local groups are affiliated with national organizations, but the local campus organization and student members must make all decisions.

VSOs meet the following criteria:

Authorized Representatives

Each organization must designate three currently registered students to serve as Authorized Representatives when registering with the University, a President and a Financial Officer.

The Authorized Representatives bear ultimate responsibility for the organization and its activities. They acept the responsibility of staying informed about, and following, University policies, guidelines and procedures that relate to their organization’s plans. They must also inform their members of all applicable University policies and resources. The University expects the Authorized Representatives, especially the President, to speak and act with authority for the group and accurately represent the group and its activities to the University. When groups organize events, an Authorized Representative must attend or specifically designate someone else to attend and be responsible for the event.

Once registered, it is essential that the registration information remains accurate throughout the academic year. Should your organization change leadership mid-year, you must notify both the OSA and the ASSU through a Transfer of Authority form, accessible through the OSA website.

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