IBIIS & AIMI Seminar: Missing the (Bench)mark? @ Zoom:
IBIIS & AIMI Seminar: Missing the (Bench)mark?
May 18 @ 9:30 am – 10:30 am Zoom:

Lena Maier-Hein, PhD
Head of Department, Computer Assisted Medical Interventions
Managing Director, Data Science and Digital Oncology
Managing Director, National Center for Tumor Diseases
German Cancer Research Center

Title: Missing the (Bench)mark?


Machine learning has begun to revolutionize almost all areas of health research. Success stories cover a wide variety of application fields ranging from radiology and gastroenterology all the way to mental health. Strikingly, however, solutions that perform favorably in research generally do not translate well to clinical practice, and little attention is being given to learning from failures. Focusing on biomedical image analysis as a key area of health-related machine learning, this talk will present pitfalls, caveats and recommendations related to machine learning-based biomedical image analysis. As a particular highlight, it will cover yet unpublished work on two key research questions related to biomedical image analysis competitions: 1) How can we best select performance metrics according to the characteristics of the driving biomedical question? And 2) Why is the winner the best? The results have been compiled based on the input of hundreds of image analysis researchers worldwide.

IBIIS & AIMI Seminar: Medical AI Safety - A Clinical Perspective @ Zoom:
IBIIS & AIMI Seminar: Medical AI Safety – A Clinical Perspective
Jun 16 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Zoom:

Lauren Oakden-Rayner, PhD
Director of Research in Medical Imaging
Royal Adelaide Hospital
Senior Research Fellow
Australian Institute for Machine Learning

Title: Medical AI Safety – A Clinical Perspective

Medical artificial intelligence is rapidly moving into clinics, particularly in imaging-based specialties such as radiology. This transition is producing many new challenges, as the regulatory environment has struggled to keep up and AI training for healthcare workers is virtually non-existent. Dr. Oakden-Rayner will provide a clinical safety perspective on medical AI, discuss a range of identified risks and potential harms, and discuss possible solutions to mitigate these risks as this exciting field continues to develop.

Dr. Lauren Oakden-Rayner (FRANZCR, PhD) is the Director of Research in Medical Imaging at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and is a senior research fellow at the Australian Institute for Machine Learning. Her research explores the safe translation of artificial intelligence technologies into clinical practice, both from a technical and clinical perspective.