Willis Lounge Policy

Rains Common Areas Policy

  • Hosting an Event? Rains Housing provides several common spaces for you to host personal events. These spaces are unique to Rains and are one reason why the community here is so awesome! The available spaces are: Willis Lounge, Timoshenko Lounge, and Fairclough Lounge. To reserve any of these spaces, email Rains Front Desk. Willis Lounge is accessible to all Rains residents whenever it is not reserved for an event of 20+ people. Remember, the use of these spaces is a ​privilege​ and requires us all to make sure that the spaces are clean, neat, and orderly. Mistreating theses lounges hurts thecommunity and could result in the closing of these much loved public spaces. It is super important to keep these shared areas in excellent conditions so that others can enjoy them too! Please clean all spaces after use, respect quiet hours, and ​#LoveWillis! Welcome [Back] to Rains, we are excited for this year to start! There are numerous other locations on campus for such events for large grups of people (e.g., BBQ grills can be found near Bechtel I-Center, Lake Lagunita and Terman Engineering), nor is Willis available for children's birthday parties, departmental welcome events, or classes (to name a few events we've seen in Willis recently).

  • The purpose of Willis Lounge is twofold:

    1) To serve as a venue for events organized by Rains CAs.

    2) To serve the needs of individual Rains residents on a first-come first-served basis.

    In case of a conflict between 1) and 2), CA events take precedence.

  • Why we have this policy: Willis Lounge is one of the few common lounges in Rains, and its principal purpose is to serve the recreational needs of individual Rains residents.

    Remember: Rains is a residential area and the students who live here like to have a little peace and quiet, be able to use the BBQ grilling area to cook food, watch their favorite TV shows and play a game of volleyball without having to negotiate around the increasing number of groups who wish to use Willis lounge for large events.

  • If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Rains Front Desk.