Recession Trends Experts

Recession Trend Leaders

sarah burgard

Health and Mental Health

Sarah Burgard is Associate Professor of Sociology, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, and Research Associate Professor at the Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan.

tracy gordon

State Budgets

Tracy Gordon is a fellow in the Economic Studies program at the Brookings Institution.

 sheldon danziger


Sheldon Danziger is Henry J. Meyer Distinguished University Professor of Public Policy, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, and Research Professor, Population Studies Center, at the University of Michigan. 


Ingrid Gould Ellen is Professor of Urban Planning and Public Policy at New York University's Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and Co-Director of the Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy.

mike hout

Labor Markets

Michael Hout is Natalie Cohen Professor of Sociology & Demography at the University of California, Berkeley.

richard johnson


Richard Johnson is Senior Fellow and Director of the Program on Retirement Policy at the Urban Institute.

lane kenworthy

Political Attitudes and Public Opinion

Lane Kenworthy is Professor of Sociology and Political Science at the University of Arizona.


Douglas S. Massey is Henry G. Bryant Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, with a joint appointment in the Woodrow Wilson School, at Princeton University.

doug mcadam

Collective Action

Doug McAdam is Professor of Sociology at Stanford University.

robert moffitt

Social Safety Net

Robert Moffitt is Krieger-Eisenhower Professor of Economics at Johns Hopkins University.

phil morgan

Family and the Lifecourse

S. Philip Morgan is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

luigi pistaferri

Consumption and Savings

Luigi Pistaferri is Professor of Economics at Stanford University.

sean reardon


Sean Reardon is Associate Professor of Education and Director of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Training Program in Quantitative Education Policy Analysis at Stanford University.

rob reich

Charitable Giving

Rob Reich is Associate Professor of Political Science at Stanford University.

robert sampson


Robert Sampson is Henry Ford II Professor of the Social Sciences and Director of the Social Sciences Program at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University.

tim smeeding

Income, Wealth, and Debt

Timothy Smeeding is Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Public Affairs, La Follette School of Public Affairs and Director, Institute for Research on Poverty, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

christopher uggen


Christopher Uggen is Distinguished McKnight Professor and Sociology department chair at the University of Minnesota.


Affiliated Authors

koji chavezKoji Chavez is a PhD student in Sociology at Stanford University.
 no photo availableErin Cumberworth is a PhD student in Sociology at Stanford University.
samuel dastrupSamuel Dastrup is Research Fellow at the Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, New York University.
lindsay owensLindsay Owens is a PhD student in Sociology at Stanford University.
 no photo availableIvaylo Petev is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique in Paris, France.
christopher wimerChristopher Wimer is a Research Scientist at the Columbia Population Research Center and a consultant with the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality.