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RESNA Hall of Fellows

The RESNA Hall of Fellows recognizes RESNA Fellows for their significant contributions to the field of assistive technology and to the RESNA organization.

The RESNA Hall of Fellows will maintain a record of Fellows' achievements for future generations of RESNA members and the general public.

photo of Leonard L. Anderson
Leonard L. Anderson, MSEM
photo of Denis Anson
Denis Anson, MS, OTR
Photo of Peter W. Axelson
Peter W. Axelson, MSME
blank silhouette
William Berenberg, MD
photo of Mary Binion
Mary O. Binion, MEd
photo of Cathy Bodine
Cathy Bodine, PhD, CCC-SLP
photo of David M. Brienza
David M. Brienza, PhD
photo of Clifford E. Brubaker
Clifford E. Brubaker, PhD
blank silhouette
Kevin M. Caves, ME, ATP
blank silhouette
Raymond C. Cheever
blank silhouette
Dudley S. Childress, PhD
photo of Laura J. Cohen
Laura J. Cohen, PT, PhD, ATP
blank silhouette
Clinton L. Compere, MD
photo of Al Cook
Albert M. Cook, PhD
photo of Rory A. Cooper
Rory A. Cooper, PhD
photo of Barbara Crane
Barbara Crane, PhD, PT
photo of Gerry Dickerson
Gerry Dickerson, ATS, CRTS
photo of Alexandra Enders
Alexandra Enders, BS, OTR
photo of Martin Ferguson-Pell
Martin Ferguson-Pell, PhD
blank silhouette
Richard A. Foulds, PhD
photo of Margaret Joan Giannini
Margaret Joan Giannini, MD, FAAP
photo of Ray Grott
Ray Grott, MA, ATP, RET
photo of Glenn Hedman
Glenn Hedman, MS, PE, ATP, RET
photo of Douglas Hobson
Douglas A. Hobson, PhD, P Eng
photo of David L. Jaffe
David L. Jaffe, MS
photo of Kay Koch
Kay Ellen Koch, OTR/L, ATP
photo of Heidi Horstmann Koester
Heidi Horstmann Koester, PhD
photo of Anthony J. (Tony) Langton
Anthony J. (Tony) Langton, MS
photo of Davis F. Law, Jr
David F. Law, Jr.
photo of John Leslie
John Leslie, PhD
photo of Simon Levine
Simon Levine, PhD
blank silhouette
Jan Little, MS
photo of Simon Margolis
Simon Margolis, CO, ATP/S
blank silhouette
Samuel R. McFarland, MSME
photo of Greg McGrew
Gregory W. McGrew, BSME, MEBME
blank silhouette
Colin A. McLaurin, ScD
photo of Shirley McNaughton
Shirley McNaughton, CM, PhD
blank silhouette
Donald R. McNeal, PhD
photo of Alex Mihailidis
Alex Mihailidis, PhD, PEng
photo of Morris (Mickey) Milner
Morris (Mickey) Milner, PhD
photo of Jean L. Minkel
Jean L. Minkel, BS, PT
blank silhouette
Eugene F. Murphy, PhD
photo of Jessica Pedersen
Jessica Pedersen, MBA, OTR/L, ATP
photo of Anita Perr
Anita Perr, MA, OT, ATP
photo of William A. Peterson
William A. Peterson, MS
photo of James B. Reswick
James B. Reswick, PhD
photo of Barry Romich
Barry A. Romich, BS, PE
photo of Orest Roy
Orest Z. Roy, MSCEE
photo of Lawrence Scadden, PhD
Lawrence A. Scadden, PhD
photo of Marcia Joslyn Scherer
Marcia Joslyn Scherer, PhD, MPH, FACRM
photo of Mark Schmeler
Mark Schmeler, PhD, OTR/L, ATP
photo of Paul Schwartz
Paul J. Schwartz, MSIE, ATP, RET, CPE
photo of Sheldon R. Simon
Sheldon R. Simon, MD
photo of Roger O. Smith
Roger O. Smith, Ph.D., OT, FAOTA
blank silhouette
William A. Spencer, MD
blank silhouette
Stephen H. Sprigle, PhD, PT
photo of Anthony Staros
Anthony Staros, MS
blank silhouette
Joseph E. Traub
photo of Susan Johnson Taylor
Susan Johnson Taylor, OTR/L
photo of Robert Edwin Tooms
Robert Edwin Tooms, MD
photo of Elaine Trefler
Elaine Trefler, MEd, OTR, ATP, FAOTA
photo of Gregg Vanderheiden
Gregg C. Vanderheiden, PhD
photo of Gerry Warren
C. Gerald Warren, MPA, PT
photo of Jerry Weisman
Gerald Weisman, MSME, ATP, RET
photo of David C. Wilkie
David C. Wilkie, EBS, BFA,, ATP