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We offer interesting and rewarding projects (see also research).

We particularly look for graduate students and postdocs with the following skills and interests:


  • Synthetic Biology
    • The ideal candidate has experience genetic engineering / synthetic biology. The goal of this project engineer and study multi-cell forms and patterns - expanding our synthetic biology toolbox, implementing "synthetic developmental biology programs" - with applications in material sciences and tissue engineering. Current focus is on e.coli - but other systems are to follow soon.
  • Education
    • This position is jointly with Prof. Paulo Blikstein from the School of Education. The goal is the design interfaces for our interactive biotechnology devices with an application to (online) education, and then design and execute the corresponding educational studies.
  • Interactive Biotechnology / Human-Computer Interaction design
    • The ideal candidate has a strong programming background (and potentially also interest in human-computer interactions as well as devices). The project goal is to further advance our biology cloud experimentation technology and also use it to aid online education and research life science research.
  • Game Design / Arts
    • We are looking for someone with game design and artistic experience - potentially also in a part time or collaborative settings - to develop interesting and fun applications (with educational intention) on our interactive biology setups.


We always have interesting projects for rotation and graduate students.


Generally we are looking for curious, creative and talented people (rotation students, graduate students and postdocs) with various skills and interests:


  • computer science / bioinformatics
  • web-interfaces / mobile devices / data bases
  • mechanical / electrical engineering / mechatronics
  • synthetic biology / developmental biology / tissue engineering
  • bioengineering / microfluidics
  • education
  • game design
  • arts
  • e.coli / biofilms / euglena / zebrafish / MDCK cell culture / physarum / dictyostelium

We always welcome applicants with other backgrounds, and we provide great training opportunities in various areas.


How to apply:

Please email Ingmar [] with statement of your interests and a CV. We also very much welcome your own ideas and project suggestions.