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We design and engineer biotic games in order to solve educational challenges and to support biomedical research.


Playing games is deeply rooted in human culture, with new game modalities being repeatedly facilitated by new technology, such as video games enabled by electronics. Despite the recent advancements in biotechnology there is virtually no impact on gaming yet.

Therefore we developed the concept of ‘biotic games’, i.e., games that require biological process to run.


We engineered and tested a couple of games based on very different biotechnological principles that range from the molecular to the multi-cellular scale. Biotic games enable interesting play experiences based on real life phenoma, biological unpredictability, or the stimulation of olfactory senses.


We therefore believe that biotic games have significant potential, especially for education and research, by enabling non-scientist to engage and interact with modern biotechnology. We are now developing other games specifically designed to address educational challenges and to support biomedical research.


Here are some snapshots of some biotic games we have created:




Biotic Games on Youtube!

Our first publication on biotic games explores this concept and discusses applications and long term potential (see the article here or download the pdf). These are the videos related to it.