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Famous people who fingerspell

photo of Helen Keller (left) and Anne Sullivan Helen Keller (1880-1968), American author and lecturer, who, despite being deaf and blind, lead a full, rewarding, and inspirational life.

The photo shows Anne Sullivan (right) fingerspelling into Helen Keller's hand, circa 1933.

For more information about Helen Keller's life, visit: http://www.afb.org/afb/helen.html

Churchill fingerspelling Winston Churchill used fingerspelling to display his country's strength and defiance and to visually communicate his confidence in achieving victory in World War II. He is fingerspelling the letter "V".
Alternate interpretation: Of course, Churchill often kept his cigar between his first and second fingers. When he made this gesture, some thought he was showing his need for a cigar.

FDR fingerspelling This is Franklin D. Roosevelt doing a good impersonation of Churchill, sharing his confidence in winning World War II and expressing America's solidarity with the British war effort.

photo of Mr. Spock fingerspelling Here is Mr. Spock from Star Trek. He is making a gesture which in Vulcan means "Live Long and Prosper". There is no indication whether this was meant to be more than a visual signal.
Additional interpretation: This is actually a representation of the Hebrew letter: Hebrew letter "sheen" which is the first letter in Hebrew word shalom - "peace""Shalom" (peace). There is a blessing over the congregation that the priests perform, acting as an intermediary with G-d while making this gesture.

For additional information contact David L. Jaffe.

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