Stanford Cube Club


This is the website of the Stanford Cube Club (SCC). The club is dedicated to offering opportunities for Stanford community members who are in interested in solving the Rubik's Cube (as well as the general sport of speedcubing).

If you're interested in hearing about club activities, you should consider joining our mailing list to stay informed about the club: stanfordcubeclub. We also have a not-so-frequently-used Facebook page.

You can also stop by any time, and participate in club meetings:

Meeting Time:  Every Sunday, 3PM (while classes are in session)
Location:  Wooden Benches, outside East Tresidder

If you'd like to buy yourself a good speedcube, see here.

If you have any questions or comments, or are interested in helping out/getting involved, you can reach us at or contact me at: lgarron [at]

Lucas Garron
- President, Stanford Cube Club