Group Members

Graduate Students:

Yaereen (Jenny) Dho (Chemistry)
ydho120 [at] stanford [dot] edu

My research focuses on the discovery of new enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of medicinal plant molecules and the mechanisms of action of these natural products in the human body. Outside the lab, I love singing and playing the piano as well as enjoy traveling.

CatherineCatherine Liou (ChemE)
csliou [at] stanford [dot] edu

I study the effects of dietary plant secondary metabolites on human health, including relevant metabolism mediated by gut microbes. Outside of lab, I enjoy crocheting, baking, and trying to keep my houseplants alive.

Jack Liu (Chemistry)
ctliu [at] stanford [dot] edu

My research focuses on deciphering the mysterious biosynthetic pathway of medicinally valuable plant natural products, including the anticancer drug Taxol. If I’m not in the lab, I’m riding my bike.

NirajNiraj Mehta (Chemistry)
nirajm [at] stanford [dot] edu

My goal is to develop new approaches that allow convenient and inexpensive access to genomic information in plants for the purpose of accelerating the identification of biosynthetic pathways for medicinal compounds.

Iris Mollhoff (Biology)
mollhoff [at] stanford [dot] edu

Co-mentored PhD candidate with Mary Beth Mudgett

My research focuses on understanding the role of unusual lipids in cross-kingdom interactions. I am currently working on tomato polyacetylene metabolism and its impact on microbial growth. In my free time I like to garden, try out new dessert recipes, and chat with my family overseas. I am also an avid orchid mom!


Undraa Bat-Erdene

Undraa Bat-Erdene
undramaa [at] stanford [dot] edu

My research focuses on discovering new enzyme catalysts involved in the biosynthesis of natural products from medicinal plants. In doing so, I aim to grant easier access to bioactive compounds in engineered hosts, while understanding the diversity of the molecules and their biosynthetic chemistry. Outside of lab, I enjoy yoga and creating intricate nail art on my nails.

Jamie Blum
Life Science Research Fellow
jeblum [at] stanford [dot] edu

My research focuses on the effects of plant metabolites on mammalian consumers. Specifically, I am exploring the contribution of plant metabolites to the development of food allergies. Outside of the lab, I enjoy escape rooms, knitting, and reading fiction.

ErikErik Carlson
erikdc [at] stanford [dot] edu

My research focuses on Agrobacterium-mediated transient expression and virulence operon engineering for host range control. I enjoy baking, sewing & house plants.

WillWill Cody
USDA/NIFA Postdoctoral Fellow
willcody [at] stanford [dot] edu

In the Sattely lab I am currently working on building tools to change how plant biologists approach large scale plant genetic screens. In my free time I enjoy gardening, and spending time with my dogs and wife outdoors.


Conor McClune
Damon Runyon Postdoctoral Fellow
mcclune [at] stanford [dot] edu

Joint postdoc with Polly Fordyce

I am developing tools for  manipulating and measuring the biosynthetic activity of individual plant cells within complex tissues. Such measurements could accelerate the discovery of individual synthesis pathways from large, uncharacterized plant genomes. Outside of the lab, I enjoy hobbies.

Sarah Niehs

Sarah Niehs
German Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow
sniehs [at] stanford [dot] edu

My research focuses on illuminating the molecular dark matter of dietary plants like tomato (Solanum lycopersicum). In my free time I enjoy hiking into the wild, cooking new recipes, and exploring imaginary worlds one book at a time.


ChunChun Tsai – Lab manager and Research Scientist
chuntsai [at] stanford [dot] edu

I support Sattely lab operations and my research aims to construct interactomes for biosynthetic proteins that function together to produce plant natural products.

Diego Wengier – Research Specialist

dwengier [at] stanford [dot] edu

I’m testing alternative plant models for transient and stable expression of heterologous biosynthetic pathways for metabolites of nutritional or pharmaceutical value.

Group Alumni:

Ryan Nett – Assistant Professor at Harvard, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Ricardo De La Peña – Scientist at Amyris
Tim Schnabel – Entrepreneur in Residence, Cochran lab, Stanford Bioengineering
Charlie Hoffs – Chemical Engineering undergraduate student at Stanford University
Stacie Kim – Scientist at Octant Bio
Kevin Smith
Eric Holmes – Scientist at Lygos
Nikita Khylstov – nikitak [at] stanford [dot] edu, Entrepreneur in Residence and Postdoctoral Research Associate, Cochran lab, Stanford Bioengineering
Mathias Vogesmjvoges [at] gmail [dot] com, Machine Learning Engineering, Google X
Shanon Sirk – Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Department of Bioengineering sirk [at]
Bailey Schultz – Graduate student at Harvard Chemistry
Amy Calgaro-Kozinaacalgaro [at] alumni [dot] stanford [dot] edu
Jeremy Huntjeremy_hunt [at] alumni [dot] stanford [dot] edu – Product Support Engineer at OSIsoft
Warren Lauwarlau [at] stanford [dot] edu – Scientist I at Zymergen
Russell Jingxian Lijingxian [at] stanford [dot] edu – Senior Member of Technical Staff at DSO National Laboraties, Singapore
Jakub Rajniakjrajniak [at] stanford [dot] edu – Postdoctoral Associate, Fischbach Lab, Stanford University Bioengineering Department
Andrew Kleinapklein [at] stanford [dot] edu – Scientist at Amyris (Emeryville, CA)
Yi-Lin Chungyilinc [at] stanford [dot] edu
Gulbenk Anarat Cappillinogulbenk.cappillino [at] thermofisher [dot] com – Staff Scientist, Research & Development Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry at Thermo Fisher Scientific Sanofi/Genzyme, Waltham, MA
Ben Baradbbarad [at] stanford [dot] edu – Graduate Student studying Biophysics in James Fraser’s lab at UCSF
Camil Diazcacdiaz [at] udel [dot] edu – PhD student in Antoniewicz Lab of Metabolic Engineering and Systems Biology at the University of Delaware
Ellie Oatesehoates [at] udel [dot] edu – Graduate Student at the University of Delaware
Evelyn Changechang11 [at] stanford [dot] edu – law student at Harvard Law School