In February of 1995 Schimke's life changed dramatically and abruptly. While riding a bicycle in the bike lane on Sand Hill Road in Woodside, CA, he was struck by a car from behind and became a quadriplegic. He has fought back from total unconsciousness and total paralysis to the point where, although confined to a powered wheelchair, he has recovered sufficient motor function to allow limited use of arms and legs. Four years ago he started to express his creative and innovative talents with various forms of art... it is his new passion

Schimke actually started painting in 1976 while on sabbatical in London, following the sudden death of his wife, Mary, Upon return to California he continued to paint for the next year. His paintings in oils depict scenes from London and California examples are presented (from about 20 paintings).

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Coastal Bluffs
oils (24'x30")

Church Row, Hampstead
oils (18"x24")

oils (48"x48")

He "returned" to science in 1977 with the discovery of gene amplification, but In the mid-1980's Schimke has a second "burst" of art, focusing on natural products placed on canvas, emphasizing 3 dimensional qualities (representative works from that time are shown from about 15 pieces).

Eucalyptus in White
oils (36" x 48")

Bamboo in Black and White
2 each "24 x 30")

oils (24"x60")

Eight years following his accident in 1995 he began a remarkable "burst" of creativity with various materials and media... all full of vibrant color, form and movement. He has produced some 400+ works in the past 2 1/2 years. He has explored many different genre to express himself. He has limited use of arms and hands and all paintings/drawings are done while in a wheelchair, and painted on flat surfaces in a studio in a former garage. An assistant helps with canvas construction and cleanups.



He separates his works into various categories...

1. Pastels acrylics and tempera paints on paper Approximately 50 pieces, done predominately in 2002, explore motion and color. In many the pattern is first defined by magic markers. All are about 19"X 26"

Pink motion



Petit Jungle


Blue fish

2. Landscapes These are derivative of the above color/shape concept applied to landscape scenes (approximately 10) and use acrylic and tempura paints./ All are 19"x26".

Mendocino Coast


Half Dome

Yosemite Falls

3. Layered Canvasses/Patterns in 3-D This genre uses form/color to challenge the viewer to resolve ambiguity.

Colorblind Hitch Hiker in the Escalante
4 layered canvasses,
acrylics (36" x 36")

Anxiety 1
4 layered canvasses,
acrylics (24" x 24")

Anxious faces
4 layered canvasses with masks,
acrylics (24" x 24")

4. Three Dimension Structures This genre generates 3 dimensions by various means, including chiffon and foam board construction to generate depth /.shapes. color is used to emphasized the structure/sculpture.

Foam Board, Masks, Spray Painted ("36" X 48")

Chiffon on Canvas, Oils (36" x 36")

Green Landscape
Acrylics on Canvas
(36" x 36")

Chiffon and Acrylics (24"x32")

White Masks
Masks and Chiffon on Canvass, Acrylics (36"x 44")

Red Mask
Foam Board, Spray Painting (18" x 22")

5. Drip paintings This genre is based in Pollack's work and the simple fact that it can be done with the movement limitations that result from Schimke's paralysis dripping is with latex paints... they range in size from 15' x 5' to 18' x 24" and form patterns based on various types of paint application, some of which result in paint "flow" to generate unusual patterns. There are some 50 painting of this genre.

Magenta and Black Chaos
Sand and Latex Paints
(36"x 48")

Red/Orange Jungle
Latex Paints (36"x60")

Yellow Scatter
Latex Paints
(18" x 24")

Study in Carnellian

Moving Spirits

Blue Heavens

6. Flowers Painted in acrylic and oils on canvas, they are basically exercises in color and shapes... not meant to be representative. All are 18"x24".

Flowers 3
Acrylics on Canvas

Flowers 6
Acrylics on Canvas


Purple flowers

Orange Flowers

7. Patterns in Colors This is an extensive series on handmade (Indian) paper with background colors/shapes accentuated by drips. Color is applied by spray or by dry tempura paint spread (dropped) on water saturated paper , followed by drip with latex paints. (approximately 25). All are approximately 22" x 31"

Purple Pleasure

Miró Revisited

Colors in Space

Green Jungle

Red Delight


Women's Necklaces
Schimke also enjoys making women's necklaces. He can perform all aspects of "beading" except for attaching clasps. Most necklaces are made from gemstones and glass crystal separated by gold or silver plated spacer beads.. The costs range from $15 o $50. They are wonderful presents. Her has some 400 on display (see pictures).

Necklaces Galore

Necklaces 1

Greeting Card Art
Schimke has also made a host of different greeting cards of his art suitable for any correspondence. Twelve pictures are included in each set... $20 each. These cards, as well as necklaces make wonderful gifts any time of the year... but especially at the holiday season.

Greeting Cards 1

Greeting Cards 2

Greeting Cards 3