Our Mission

"The Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality, launched this year within the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences, is a vital example of the University's commitment to strengthen teaching, research and policy analysis that directly engages large-scale problems of the 21st century. The Center's work - an analysis of poverty and inequality, the development of innovative proposals and programs, and the training of a new generation of scholars and policy-makers who have the tools and a solid, empirical grounding to lead critical debate on these issues - represents an important investment in new scholarship for the University. I am pleased that through this initiative, Stanford also has strengthened its leadership role in addressing one of the pressing problems of our age."

Sharon Long, Stanford University Dean, School of Humanities & Sciences

The Stanford Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality has five objectives: to monitor trends in poverty and inequality, to support scientific analysis of poverty and inequality, to develop science-based policy on poverty and inequality, to disseminate data and research on poverty and inequality, and to train the next generation of scholars, policy analysts, and politicians.

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