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The Collaboration for Poverty Research (CPR) brings together faculty and scholars from Harvard and Stanford Universities to develop and evaluate national policy on poverty and inequality in America. CPR taps the vast intellectual resources of both institutions, leveraging their combined convening power to focus attention and garner public support for new measures to attack and solve one of the most significant public problems of our time.


Recession Task Force

It is widely acknowledged that the current recession, often dubbed the Great Recession, has been the deepest and most challenging economic downturn since the Great Depression. Although there has been much discussion of the causes of the fiscal crisis and subsequent downturn, we know surprisingly little so far about its social and economic impact and how that impact is being borne by different population groups. Who, for example, is most likely to be unemployed, to face foreclosure, to go into debt, to cut back on basic consumption items (e.g., healthy food), or to fall into poverty? Read more...


Executive Pay

There is no topic more central right now in American debates about inequality than executive compensation. It is therefore important to carry out a careful, deliberate, and informed analysis of how, if at all, America’s executive compensation system might be reformed. Read more...


Poverty and Stress

There are real political hurdles that in the U.S. context make it difficult to take on poverty in any concerted way, and one might therefore focus additionally on measures that reduce the negative effects of poverty among those experiencing it.  Read more...

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Stanford Center Opening

A Concert for Hope in 2007 marks the opening of Stanford University's Center for the Study of Poverty & Inequality. Visit inequality.com for more about the center.