Health, Mental Health, and Health Care

The rawest forms of inequality are those found in health, life, and death. There is a growing body of research on disparities in health and mental health, on disparities in access to health care, and on the effects of health care policies in reducing disparities.

Health disparities

Are the rich much healthier than the poor? Are whites much healthier than African Americans? How are these disparities in health generated? How frequently do negative health events push those on the margin into poverty?

Health care disparities

Are many poor people securing adequate preventative or restorative care? How much is their health harmed and life expectancy shortened by inadequate access to insurance and health care?

Mental health

To what extent is mental illness a cause of poverty? A consequence of poverty? Is there much discrimination against the mentally ill?

Social policy and health

Will health disparities be much reduced by universal insurance? What are the implications of different health care proposals for reducing disparities?

"When the rich wage war it is the poor who die." - Jean-Paul Sartre

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