Studies in Social Inequality Book Series

The Studies in Social Inequality Book Series was founded in response to the takeoff in economic inequality, the persistence or slowing decline in other forms of inequality, and the resulting explosion of research attempting to understand the sources of poverty and inequality. The series is dedicated to publishing agenda-setting research and theory on socioeconomic, gender, and race-based inequalities. The editors, David B. Grusky and Paula England, are committed to representing diverse methodologies and approaches, including conceptual and theoretical treatises, qualitative and quantitative analyses, and comparative and case-study approaches.

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The Stanford Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality


Stanford University Press

Series Editors

David B. Grusky and Paula England

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Creating Wealth and Poverty in Postsocialist China

Edited by Deborah S. Davis and Wang Feng

book cover

Stratification in Higher Education
A Comparative Study

Edited by Yossi Shavit, Richard Arum, and Adam Gamoran

book cover

Poverty and Inequality

Edited by David B. Grusky and Ravi Kanbur

book cover

Mobility and Inequality
Frontiers of Research in Sociology and Economics

Edited by Stephen L. Morgan, David B. Grusky, and Gary S. Fields

book cover

After the Fall of the Wall
Life Courses in the Transformation of East Germany

Edited by Martin Diewald, Anne Goedicke, and Karl Ulrich Mayer

book cover

Home Ownership and Social Inequality in Comparative Perspective

Edited by Karin Kurz and Hans-Peter Blossfeld

book cover

Reconfigurations of Class and Gender

Edited by Janeen Baxter and Mark Western

book cover

Women’s Working Lives in East Asia

Edited by Mary C. Brinton

book cover

The Classless Society

Paul W. Kingston